February 21st, 2009

book espresso machine


One often admires websites such as the Gutenberg Project which archive public-domain works of literature for all to enjoy… But how often does one sit down at one’s computer and read a whole book? It’s not quite the revolution it ought to be, an online book.

But the New York Library is introducing a brilliant invention that looks like a prop from an eighties sci-fi movie: The “Espresso Book Machine”. It will print out an entire public domain book in ten minutes and bind it for you.

June 22 (Bloomberg) — Beginning July 2, the New York Public Library will operate a 1,660-pound, Internet-connected book- making gizmo that can deliver a 200-page paperback in six to eight minutes — although mine took 12.

Through the Web, the “Espresso Book Machine,” from New York-based On Demand Books LLC, has access to 200,000 titles in the public domain — that is, books that aren’t protected by copyright.

Read more: Bloomberg (via treehugger)

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