February 27th, 2009

Daddy eats cows.

Slate has a great article about raising vegetarian children. Mark Oppenheimer is a married to a vegetarian wife who believes their children should be raised vegetarian until they are old enough to make the ethical choice themselves of whether they want to eat meat.

…In asking my vegetarian friends, however, I have found that children raised as vegetarians tend to accept vegetarianism as a fact of life. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really: We all think that what we ate as young children was the best food in the world; it’s only with some effort that we introduce radical changes to our diet. Vegetarianism comes easily to those who have never known otherwise. “I look at it like this,” my rabbi, Jon-Jay Tilsen, a vegetarian father of four vegetarian children, told me. “Various societies and cultures have their own cuisines. And if we had been French, we’d be feeding our children frog’s legs—and in other places, monkey brains. In this country they eat cows, pigs, and chickens a lot—but in India they would sooner eat their brother-in-law than eat a cow. The point is that something that seems disgusting to eat is just a matter of what you were brought up with.” His children, unaccustomed to eating meat, have never expressed a desire to.

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