April 20th, 2009

human/petunia genetic hybrid?


Eduardo Kac has apparently created a hybrid of himself and the petunia flower — the “Edunia”, he calls it. A gene isolated and sequenced from his blood produces a protein in the flower which is apparent in the red “veins” of the flower (see above).

I very much enjoy the sentiment behind this work of transgenic art:

This work seeks to instill in the public a sense of wonder about this most amazing of phenomena we call “life”. The general public may have no difficulty in considering how close we truly are to apes and other non-human animals, particularly those with which it is possible to communicate directly, such as cats and dogs. However, the thought that we are also close to other life forms, including flora, will strike most as surprising.

This is the central work of his Natural History of the Enigma.

Addendum: I didn’t realise it was the same artist, but I already posted about Kac’s work before. See another piece of his I admire: Genesis.


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