October 4th, 2009

Suits you, sir.

This is a new design I’ve cobbled together for my blog. It’s a splicing of two themes I liked with some of my own ideas and images; I liked both of the themes individually but I didn’t feel they exhibited my own personal taste.

The basic layout comes from the bbv1 theme by Aaron Adams. I changed — perhaps I should say “added” — all the colours, and I exchanged the (very 2001) pixel patterns for some nice textures, sampled from the same notebooks and scrap papers you can see in the header image — a photo I took especially for the purpose.

The, in my opinion, rather attractive typography of the main column was appropriated from the Oulipo theme designed by Andrea Mignolo.

The previous design was perhaps a bit more homely in its untidy way, but I wanted something new (it’s been three years after all) that stands more for my current tastes.


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