February 2nd, 2008

To PIE or not to PIE


I turned up for my exam today but the professor didn’t. Odd.


Regarding stem-cell research, something which fascinates me, here’s some exciting news, via BoingBoing, via somewhere else:

A 65-year-old Finnish man received a new upper jaw that was grown in his abdomen using his own stem cells. Scientists had isolated stem cells from the patient’s fat, and sorted out the type of cells that could grow into bone tissue. The cells were applied to a custom jaw-shaped scaffold and implanted in his abdomen for nine months. Tissues grew around the scaffolding, which was removed and attached to the man’s skull to replace his upper jaw, which had been removed due to a tumor.


Also from BoingBoing today is this great roundup of Louis Theroux shows on googlevideo. I think I’ve seen every one of them – great stuff!

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