July 4th, 2010

ah, we meet again, breakfast dishes.

Psyblog has an article following the theory that self-forgiveness can put an end to procrastination:

Another way of thinking of this is in terms of approach and avoidance behaviours. Because we tend to avoid things that make us feel bad, pent up guilt about a task will make us avoid that task in the future. Self-forgiveness, though, may reduce guilt and so make us more likely to approach the task.

This explanation highlights the fact that we don’t just have emotional relationships with people, we also have them with tasks. Some tasks we like and look forward to like trusted old friends, while others feel more like muggers stealing away hours of our lives.

More here.

I can’t get enough of this blog, actually. Two other recent articles that are fascinating to me (on abstract/creative thinking devices): One, two.


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