March 29th, 2008


This evening there was an international dinner at the language course i’m doing. Each student (or in small groups) had to prepare a dish from their homeland to share in a buffet. I couldn’t think of anything Welsh that I can cook, but someone suggested that I make something Greek since my mother is from the Greek part of Cyprus.

I immediately thought upon Daktyla, a sweet almondy treat that my mother and her mother sometimes make. My mother sent me a few recently by post and they were delicious… I shared them with Julia (my girlfriend) and Freekje (a mutual friend), and they were wild about them. So I thought I would try to emulate this satisfaction with the students of my language course, by making them Daktyla.


It was the first time I made them and so I think it was a great success that it even worked. They don’t look exactly like the ones mama makes but they taste almost the same. The biggest difference would be that mine were more crunchy, but I like that anyway. Above is a picture of my Daktyla before I covered them in syrup and below is the “after”.


They were delicious and tasted a lot better than they looked. Everyone was complimentary! Success.

If you want to make them, the recipe is here: Page 1 | Page 2


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