November 7th, 2010

sugar corn sirup butter milk

If truth is more beautiful than the contrived, then the most beautiful kind of poetry is perhaps the entirely accidental kind… The kind that comes into being with no aesthetic intentions attached and sleeps until the perfect alignment of observer, time and space.

Take this digitized recipe book “experimental cookery from the chemical and physical standpoint” — its contents pages are dripping with divine word combinations. A choice selection:

sugar corn sirup butter milk
sugar cookery
sugar cookery classification of the carbohydrates

fondants, fudge,
caramels, taffy, brittles
stages of cookery of sucrose solutions

classification of ice creams
ices and sherbets

plant pigments part 5
crisping pickles

meat. grading and stamping of meat.
definition of meat and flesh
federal inspection of meat

breaking mayonnaise

I feel like I found a €50 note on the pavement. For more unintentional poetry, see this spam poem I found in 2008.

Incidentally, some of the experiments in this book sound fun/interesting. I found the book when googling for information about boiling vegetables in milk.

Addendum: Another food science word I discovered recently and developed affections for is farinaceous, describing a mealy, floury, starchy nature (from farina, latin for flour).


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