February 3rd, 2011

translation installation take 2

In January I showed a second, improved version of my translation of a poem into sounds and smells.

This time the environment was more fitting, some of the visual elements of the installation were improved upon or added to, and the mechanism of the machine was made more accurate and automatic through the addition of a braking system*. I got some very positive feedback from my mentors and classmates. Even the librarians were excited to have my work in situ.

*The brakes use a touch sensor to stop the turntable motor, in combination with an electromagnet to open and close a gate at the appropriate time. This way one can stop the turntable spinning at intervals of 1 sixth each time. It’s a rather amateurish or indirect solution to the requirement, but that’s in the spirit of the original poem — the playful spirit of finding your own interest and excitement in something you’re not equipped to understand yet, the spirit of looking in on a world that’s not your own and finding wonder/beauty through or despite your ignorance.

So I’m off to a good start in the experimental studio. Time for a new undertaking.

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