April 18th, 2008

An Old Fashioned English Fry-Up

The first part of Stephen Fry’s newest BBC documentary (more below).

Here’s a roundup of Stephen Fry stuff that’s caught my attention today. But before I go on, might I add that I don’t go trawling the web for Fry News every day – today it all just fell in my lap, starting with an invitation to join a group called “The Trinity College Dublin Alliance to Attract the Presence of Stephen J. Fry”. Stephen is apparently a big fan of Oscar Wilde, who studied at Trinity College.

Firstly, Stephen is dabbling with podcasts (he’s apparently quite a technosavvy gentleman). Except “podcast” isn’t quite classy enough for Mr. Fry: You can catch his third (and latest) Podgram here and check out the rest here if that tickles your fancy.

Also worth checking out is his official blog. Here’s a great quote from an article he wrote for the guardian concerning the poll to find the “greatest living Englishman”:

Who is the greatest living Englishman? It would be hard to argue against the merits of Tim Berners-Lee, the sole begetter and inventor of the world wide web, an organism whose initials, www, have (in some languages, including our own) three times more syllables than the phrase they’re abbreviating, which is perhaps the only flaw in Berners-Lee’s grand design.

Lastly, via Kottke, you can catch his latest BBC documentary, The Machine That Made Us, online. In the documentary Stephen sets out to investigate how and under what circumstances the Gutenberg press came into being and to create a working replica of the original press. It’s available for free on BBC’s iPlayer, if you’re located in the UK. Otherwise, it’s also on youtube (but probably not for long!). The first clip is above. You can probably find the rest of the clips yourselves – you must be really smart if you’re reading my blog.


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