April 19th, 2008

Zum Beispiel, Fritz Lang

Zum Beispiel Fritz Lang, part 1/5

I came across this great interview with Fritz Lang when I was um… doing some research… (procrastinating wildly)… for my presentation on Wednesday about Fritz Lang’s first talkie – “M”.

This documentary is one of the special features on the “ultimate edition” dvd of M, that I bought last year in Berlin during my visit to the Film Museum there in Potsdamer Platz (highly recommended!).

There are no subtitles on this so it’s only any good if you can understand German. But if you can, you’re sure to find Mr. Lang’s sparkling anecdotes fascinating. At one stage he gets up from his chair to physically relive his memories of the time he was summoned to Hitler. It makes my heart glad to see that he was as cool a cucumber as one would come to expect from his filmography. As someone commented on youtube “Fritz Lang war schon eine coole Sau.”


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