April 27th, 2008



Palabea.net is a website which serves as a virtual classroom, and a medium through which language learners can work together in order to improve their language proficiency. I have signed up but have yet to really put the site through its paces. It seems like a really great idea though. I’m excited to see if I can benefit from it.

New online language learning service Palabea has just launched an innovative way to learn the world’s langauges from the comfort of your home.

Palabea offers an innovative and interactive way to learn languages by collaborating with others using audio and visual learning materials.

Palabea’s online learning community brings people together through uploaded video lessons and podcasts that help improve language skills. The virtual classrooms also enable people from all over the world to communicate with each other.

The service is free to use and easily accessible; all you need is an internet connection, a valid email address, and ideally, a webcam and microphone.

Palabea makes foreign languages familiar languages.

Sign up for free if this concept interests you.

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