May 28th, 2008


I’m writing poems for a book i’m piecing together week by week in my paper-making class. The poems, my first honest attempts at poetry, are however not the focus of the book. The book is the focus of the book. It’s an “Artist’s Book“, so to speak, and the whole thing is supposed to be a metaphor for understanding. Understanding in general – understanding life, literature, poems, people, language, and so on.

I’ll post more about the book, and how it is a metaphor for those things etc, later.

The following is not one of the poems i’ve been writing for my book (the poems i’m writing are more or less free form with a few exceptions). This is just a little haiku about poetry.

Now you’re learning fast:
Not only for birthday cards –
Our words in glass jars.

In verse my words ring longer,
louder than ever.


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