August 11th, 2008

spam poetry

One spam email got through googlemail’s stringent (often overzealous) spam filter and into my inbox. Quite a rare occasion actually. Ordinarily not worth blogging about — what’s interesting is that I gladly read this email from start to finish.

The email was titled “inattention gory beachcomb albright prayer”:

southeastern cleveland hirsch? florican, walgreen hemp.
inattention suzerainty disposable lose rheostat rheostat, windowsill
weave isomorphic albright jackdaw flinch.

walgreen albright cafe

flinch prayer paranoia? pivot, seaside hemp.
extradite isomorphic grandparent reich southeastern upstair, lend
el snub disposable proust suzerainty.

albright rheostat landis

isomorphic zion decor? windowsill, disposable hemp.

cleveland storeroom.

Presumably just a (more or less) random combination of words stuck together by a script, but I think it has a nice rhythm, and the words are all fun to say.

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