January 27th, 2009

food matters

I want to stress, too, that this is not a new way to eat, but one that’s quite old-fashioned; you could even say it’s ancient. Among our ancestors, there were few people who did not struggle to get enough calories; it was only in the late twentieth century that people could and did begin to overeat regularly. Until then, most people considered themselves lucky to eat one good meal every day; many people spent half the year eating poorly, and the other half eating decently, though certainly not lavishly, except on certain feast days and holidays.

Mark Bittman is the author of a book called Food Matters in which, amongst his recipes, he argues for the case that we as individuals can do great good by eating less meat in our diets.

Listen to him discuss his philosophy on npr.

January 27th, 2009

beautiful science

A short but very sweet NPR broadcast: Paging Through History’s Beautiful Science.

“We’re trying to illustrate what is sometimes a slippery notion, and one that is often unexpected,” says Lewis, “to think of science and beauty, hand in hand.”

via growabrain

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