October 25th, 2007

The Outgroup Homogeneity Effect (ii)

I made a video to accompany the noise track I made before

To quote myself from the video page:

The idea of the video is to decry the unfortunate associations many people still have with the German population as a result of their dark past being so frequently and overwhelmingly covered in the media, despite their having moved on and despite their longing for progress.

It is absolutely not my intention to justify Nazi mentality or behaviour from WW2 or today – rather it is my intention to draw attention to the fact that this history still mars, to varying degrees, the world’s perception of Germany.

October 23rd, 2007

Stuck in the stone age?

SK: In fact, we’re not playing catch up; we’re stuck. For any evolutionary change to take place, the environment has to remain more or less constant for many generations, so that evolution can select the traits that are adaptive and eliminate those that are not. When the environment undergoes rapid change within the space of a generation or two, as it has been for the last couple of millennia, if not more, then evolution can’t happen because nature can’t determine which traits to select and which to eliminate. So they remain at a standstill. Our brain (and the rest of our body) are essentially frozen in time — stuck in the Stone Age.

One example of this is that when we watch a scary movie, we get scared, and when we watch porn we get turned on. We cry when someone dies in a movie. Our brain cannot tell the difference between what’s simulated and what’s real, because this distinction didn’t exist in the Stone Age.

From a BoingBoing article on the book “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters” (Which I haven’t read – I just thought this quote was interesting).

October 22nd, 2007

National Identity Vs International Appeal

I uploaded a film essay I wrote for college. I don’t really expect anyone to read it – I was just getting impatient with my writing section being empty for so long.


Click Here for the Essay (pdf)

It’s about how international cinemas influence one another. It’s about film as a universal language. You kinda have to have seen Billy Liar and Amores Perros in order to follow it, I think, but do watch those movies. They’re great.

I intend to write some short films or scenes as soon as I get the chance. The new version of Celtx is amazing.

October 22nd, 2007

The Outgroup Homogeneity Effect

I made this noise song about stereotypes, featuring the voice of MIT lecturer Jeremy Wolfe (as found on an itunes lecture series on psychology).


It’s my intention to make a video with the track. It doesn’t really stand up on its own.

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